PHOTOGRAFIX creations promote the beauty of Kandy, Sri Lanka

PHOTOGRAFIX is very proud and honored to inform that since the May of 2014, we received the privilege of contributing with our photography creations to promote a small but mesmerizing piece of place of the one and only Perl of South Asia, Sri Lanka.

During the vacation-journey of Uthayan Sivanathan, he captured the beauty of the hotel, Elegant Hotel, and it’s amazing beautiful surroundings. Reason for this affection was the mesmerizing location where the wonderful hotel called, Elegant Hotel, is placed and this should be seen by pictures only to get an idea of what should be visited next time you are planning to visit Sri Lanka!

“What more can a Sri Lankan born Danish-Tamil-Dutch wish for than seeing my photography creations made out of passion of my homeland, serving 24/7 hours to attract new visitors/tourists to this amazing place. I am more than proud to see that my youngest daughter “Diya” is welcoming the future visitors through the website of Elegant Hotel. I am more than delightful to serve all the touristic places of my homeland each and every time I receive the opportunity to do so”!

View the full Hotel Elegant Photography on the Facebook gallery.

Visit the Elegant Hotel website here.

Read the Dutch article here.


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